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Our focus is to help your business grow within your technological niche through customizing solutions that will help you have competitive advantage for better performance hence increased profitability. We offer complete technological roadmap by offering customized software solutions to help you manage your business processes comprehensively. Enhance client management, strengthen your online visibility through website & social media integration plus so much more

About Us

The ultimate profit is increased
competitive advantage over your

We are a team of Elite Technological Enthusiasts that would like to empower every business,
through customized software and technological solutions geared towards your improved performance and profitability.


We seek to help every business automate its processes seamlessly for improved profits and performance


Automate every business per its needs and expectations


Delivering tailored solutions with speed and precision, ensuring unparalleled support for businesses of every type.

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why choose us

Why choose us
to spearhead your business mission and performance?

Experienced Team

We are a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

All Business Types

We offer tailored solutions for businesses of all types. Reach out to us to discuss your specific software needs.

Timely Delivery

We guarantee swift turnaround times, from product delivery to IT support, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance when utilizing any of our products.

We are International

we excel in delivering customized solutions for a diverse clientele at the international level, harnessing our expertise to meet the unique needs of global enterprises.


What We Offer

Point of Sale Software (BiznapagesPOS)

Manage affordably sales, inventory, clients and more with ease

Human Resource Solution (BiznapagesHRM)

Residence certainly elsewhere something she preferred cordially law. Age his surprise formerly.

Enterprise Resource Planning(BiznapagesERP)

Need a complete Enterprise Resource Planning for your business to have an eagle’s view of your business, get our ERP.

MPESA & Bank Payments Integration

Receive real time payment notifications and request payment on the go. Transfer payments to suppliers directly from your system.

System Integration

Integrate your system to other systems for seamless processes

CCTV Installation

Get your business monitored remotely with ease from your phone

Customized Software Solution

Get a fully customized software solution unique to your business operations to help you automate all your business processes.

Website Design & Maintenance

Get your website designed and maintained by us for seamless experience.

SMS Integration

Enhance communications to your client through SMS. Get a customized Sender ID or use your phone number to start sending automated SMS.

Power Backup for your Business

Get your business power backed up via Solar Or UPS.

Business & Product Photography

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering visual excellence, ensuring your photography aligns seamlessly with your brand narrative and marketing goals

Computer Software/Network Installation & Maintenance

Run your digital world seamlessly through proper service and maintenance.

Maintenance & Support

24/7 IT Support Services to solve your queries

We are available 24/7 to solve any issues arising from the use of our software despite our assured high uptimes, with the different solutions we offer

24/7 Customer Helpline

Reach out to our dedicated support team anytime, day or night, through our 24/7 Customer Helpline. Our experts are ready to assist you promptly and ensure a seamless experience

Email Support Center

Experience convenience with our Email Support Center. Drop us a message anytime, and our customer service team will respond swiftly to address your inquiries, providing detailed and personalized assistance

Supported Businesses

Solutions tailored for
Every Business

Retailers & Wholesalers

Get solutions to suite your retail and wholesale businesses

Saloons & Barbershops

Easily manage your salon or barbershop with biznapages software

Cake & Bake Business

Efficiently manage your cake & Bake business with a single software

Professional Service Providers

All-in-one solution to manage teams and tasks easily

Medical Clinics & Hospitals

Keep digital records, manage subscriptions, appointments, etc easily

Rental Management

track rent payments and house occupations from your palm

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals

Manage appointments, prescriptions, admissions, etc

ERP for Organizations

Get our ERP system, BiznapagesERP for your organization


Manage your agribusiness using our tailored solutions for agribusinesses

Hotels & Bars

Easily manage stock, sales, bookings, etc for your hotel or bar


We have tailored solutions to suite your needs as a manufucturer

Filling Stations

Manage fuel sales with our solutions tailored for filling stations

Law Firm Management

Manage your law firm easily from case assignments, follow-ups, etc.,

Consultancy Business

Run any consultancy business with biznapages software

Transport & Logistics

easily manage your fleet and deliveries under one "page"

Academic Institutions

Use Biznapages to run your school from student records to fee payments

Construction Business

Manage purchases, employees, etc., all from a single page thus efficiency

Tailored Software Solutions for different businesses

We are on a mission to automate businesses by providing pages to suite different enterprises. Doing it one business at a time


Benefits for Your Business

Our over 100+ pages are geared towards helping you manage your business professionally & getting close to your customers as you continue to experience increased sales.


Experience simplicity in every interaction with our user-friendly solutions.


Rest easy with our top-notch security measures, ensuring the protection of your data and transactions.


Grow confidently as our scalable solutions empower your business to reach new heights.


Adapt and thrive with our flexible solutions tailored to meet your evolving needs.

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The ultimate profit is increased competitive advantage over your competitors

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